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José Rizal did a lot to educate the Filipino. To honor this effort, we place the books he wrote, and those he re-published first. Also included here is a comprehensive illustrated biography.


For most of the three-hunderd years of Spanish reign, much of the Philippines was de-facto ruled by friars. As a result, the Roman Catholic faith was firmly rooted in the islands. Not surprizingly, the bulk of surviving books are of a religious nature.


Due to its history, Philippine literature is often written in Spanish, until the roughtly the nineteen-thirties, when English had displaced Spanish as the language of the elite. Besides in Spanish and English, works also appeared in Tagalog and several other Philippine languages.


How was it to travel the Philippines before the advent of the car, the airplane and the fast-craft? Read all about it in a number of travelogues.


One great thing about history books is that there subject matter doesn't change anymore, so they should never out-date. Well, they do, but reading the opinions of by-gone eras is just as interesting as the history itself, indeed, the books are part of history! In this section we present a number of works dealing with history, often as seen through contemporary eyes.


Folk-tales give a great impression of a peoples ideas and beliefs. The Philippines are special, as here have mixed western and eastern influences to form its own, unique, blend. Sometimes ancient tales, that date back to classical times, have reached the Philippines both going west via Spain and Mexico and going east via India.


The study of Philippine anthropology was only taken up seriously after the American conquest of the Islands. A number of important works appeared in the early years of the American era.



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A large number of books on the Philippines can be located on-line at The United States and its Territories . If you're looking for something special, look here first. If you have a special interest in a title, tell us, and we may be able to prepare a PGPH edition of it.

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